We are Skokie’s oldest and most established public adjusting firm, helping people and businesses get better settlements after fire damage, burst pipes, vandalism, and other property damage, including business interruption.

After all, it’s not the insurance company’s responsibility to prepare and file your commercial insurance claim. In fact, they consider your insurance policy a business contract and have their own property claims division that specializes in insurance claims and the amount of money they pay out for claims.

Our licensed Public Adjusters only help you, the policyholder. Our expert team levels the playing field to make sure you get a fair and just settlement.

What kind of property damage can happen to Skokie businesses?

Commercial Property Fires

Commercial Property Fires

Someone was cooking in their apartment and caused a fire that affected eight other units in the apartment complex you own. Or faulty wiring sparks a fire at your manufacturing facility and to the contents within. Commercial fire damage includes:

  • Smoke damage
  • Water damage from extinguishing the fire
  • Structural damage or roof collapse
  • Destruction of inventory/equipment within and on your property
  • Business interruption and loss of income

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Burst Pipe Water Damage

Burst Pipe Water Damage

A pipe bursts at your Skokie office, staining ceilings and walls and ruining servers and electrical systems essential to your business. Harmful mold growth may also be an issue. If you don’t also account for business interruption costs, you may get a smaller settlement.

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Winter Storm Damage

Winter Storm Damage

Freezing temperatures can burst pipes and heavy snowfall can cause roof collapse. We have burst pipe insurance claim tips and more insight for Skokie business owners with damage from an Illinois winter.

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Why would you need a public adjuster if you’re a business owner or property owner in Skokie?

A licensed and experienced public adjuster can level the playing field for you when you’re facing the insurance company in a claim process you’re most likely unfamiliar with.

An experienced public adjuster will have an expert team of forensic accountants, inventory specialists, and building estimators on staff to get to work immediately.

We help you understand the options in your policy, document the damage accurately (accounting for business interruption or business income loss), and present a detailed claim to the insurance company. We then negotiate a fair and just settlement to help your business thrive post-disaster.

Why use a licensed Globe Midwest Public Adjuster for Skokie property damage?

Skokie businesses and commercial property owners use us because we’re the leading public adjusting firm in Skokie, Illinois and throughout the Midwest. We’ve had an unmatched history of results for nearly a century (and counting).

  • We have secured billions of dollars in settlements for policyholders.
  • We have thousands of satisfied clients.
  • We work for you, not the insurance company.

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