FAQ: Can I hire a Public Adjuster later, if I don't in the beginning?


Sure you can, but I need to caution you that the job is going to be much more difficult. As reputable public adjusters, we will tell you that we still have to prepare the whole claim as if we had been involved from the beginning. It’s unlikely that we will be able to use much of the claim data that you generated before our involvement.

Also, keep in mind that the fee structure will most likely be different. It may be an overage percentage, which is a percentage over the offer that’s already been made by the insurance company.

Here's a tip: Keep in mind there may be agreements you made with the insurance company’s adjuster in the early stages that just can’t be undone — already set in cement — which may prevent you from getting as much as if you had hired us from the beginning.

So please, get smart. Get educated. Get the most...by hiring the best.

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