FAQ: Can't I just do my own inventory?


Sure you can, provided that you get educated on the process and don’t allow the insurance company to do it for you. Most property losses have inventories of two thousand to four thousand items. You need to accurately list every item and its current-day replacement cost — with support. Then identify the age and condition of every item, and in most cases how much should be deducted from each for depreciation.

If you don't do it right, you will end up with a fraction of what a public adjuster would recover for you. Ask yourself, will I have time for my family? My work? The things that are most important in my life?

It’s a tedious process and our experience is that most people — initially with the best intentions — give up after a few weeks. This is where it really makes sense to work with a professional.

So get smart. Get educated. Get the most...by hiring the best.

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