FAQ: Should I hire and pay for a cleaning company?


Suffering a disaster can cause you to quickly make emotional decisions like this one. I frequently see clients shocked at the bills for packing and cleaning, ranging as high as twenty to forty thousand dollars for a home. Imagine your garage or an attic filled with years of accumulated personal property. Do you want to pay a cleaning company fifty dollars to clean a bunch of LEGOs? Or twenty-five dollars to clean a Monopoly game?

Tip: Insist that the cleaning company first make an estimate and hold off cleaning until you can decide what should and shouldn't be cleaned.

Another tip: Whether you clean an item or not, you’re entitled to get paid to have it professionally cleaned. Maybe you would rather have that money for the cleaning and throw the item out? Remember, once you authorize them to do all the work, you no longer have options. A public adjuster helps you understand your options so you can stay in control of your settlement money.

That's why I like to say get smart. Get educated. Get the most...by hiring the best.

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