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Our Globe Midwest public adjusters can help you and your family recover in the wake of any type of disaster. We manage the property damage insurance claim process to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. Our team has handled claims resulting from:


House fire damage can go far beyond what has burned. For example, what about water damage from extinguishing the flames? Our team of experts documents the damage in detail to help you mitigate further loss and ensure fair compensation for your claim.



Flooding is common in the Midwest. From snow melting quickly to unpredictable heavy rains, your home can be underwater without much warning.



A total collapse may seem obvious to document in your claim, but the full scope of damage for it or for a partial collapse can fly under the radar and be missed. Our public adjusters know what to look for.



Did you know that hail damage can affect your shingles differently depending on the material? Our public adjusters know what to look for to identify the full scope of loss.



It is vital to know how exposed your home is to potential hurricanes and whether your residential insurance policy provides you adequate coverage.



All wind damage may not be covered by your insurance policy. Our experts can help you understand the intricacies of your policy and manage your claim for the optimum settlement.



Did you know that a burst pipe with a crack as small as a few millimeters can leak more than 250 gallons into your house a day? Home water damage claims can be incredibly costly if not handled properly.



Midwest storms can cause significant damage to your home. Our public adjusters efficiently handle your claim so you have peace of mind to focus on your family.

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Homeowners Globe Midwest Public Adjusters Have Helped

  • Client References & Testimonials

    Client References


    When I experienced a fire in my home, I immediately contacted your insurance company. You both worked and fought very hard to insure that I had received all the monies due to me under my insurance policy and also made sure that my house got put back together, right... I would highly recommend your services... Your service, professionalism and dedication to my claim were more than I could ask for.
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    Alice Fish
    Homeowner, Grand Rapids, MI
    As soon as we engaged your company, you were able to cut through the bureaucracy and reach the key decision makers. You kept us informed of each twist and turn of your investigation. Within months of your engagement, we had our check in hand. We felt comforted and confident that our situation was given the prompt attention that was needed. I would recommend your services to any in this situation.
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    Anthony & Barbara Black
  • Case Studies

    For decades, L’Auberge Chez François has been one of the leading restaurants in the metro Washington, D.C., area. Known for its exceptional French cuisine and impressive service, the restaurant is a longtime favorite of Washingtonians celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.

    A magnitude 6.8 earthquake, called Nisqually in seismic circles, rocked Seattle, Washington, in 2001 and severely damaged the Starbucks corporate headquarters building.

    Super Typhoon Paka, as the storm came to be called, was a 12-hour session of destruction for the island of Guam. Stirring up winds in excess of 200 miles per hour, the tropical cyclone tossed buildings, planes and ships across the island like discarded toys. Among these was the headquarters of Continental Micronesia, a subsidiary of Continental Airlines. The main offices, the marketing buildings and the planes were damaged by the powerful typhoon.

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