We leverage our expertise and exclusively work for you to ensure you get everything you are entitled to receive under your insurance policy.

Business Interruption Claim Help

How We Help

Since 1924, we have been helping businesses of all sizes across 70+ industries manage property insurance claims for major business interruptions. We strategize with you to create a claims strategy to address your immediate and long-term business goals.

We bring together a team of experts, including forensic accountants, contents specialists, construction estimators, CPA's, and your trusted advisors, to ensure that we have the best evidence to create and present a detailed insurance claim to negotiate the best settlement possible.

Before you engage with your property insurance company, consider the following questions:

  • Can my in-house accounting staff handle my property insurance claim?
  • What is a claims strategy and why is it important?
  • What should I disclose to the insurance company's accountant?
  • Am I impacted by coinsurance?
  • Can I keep paying my employees?

Our Results

You immediately took action and began preparing your team at our loss site... Overall, your knowledge of our policy and your understanding of how to prepare and present our claim resulted in an excellent settlement… Read More about Rick Wilkinson

Rick Wilkinson

United Pipe and Supply Co. Inc., Streator, IL

Hiring [your firm] was a huge game changer. The people there took us under their wings, protecting us and getting us everything we were entitled to get under our policy...They made it as easy as humanly possible for us… Read More about Scott and Sally Searle

Scott and Sally Searle, Owners

The Up North Lodge, Gwinn, MI

Your services were very beneficial to Arbor by virtue of: your expertise and experience in handling claims of this nature, your independence from any insurance agency involvement and your commitment to achieve maximum… Read More about Charles E. Keeler

Charles E. Keeler, Director of Administration

Arbor Drugs, Inc., Troy, MI

It seems that the insurance industry is tougher than ever before in appropriately responding to claims. It is wonderful to have a partner on which to depend when the struggle for proper reimbursement from insurance… Read More about Ronda Gallehue

Ronda Gallehue, Director of Property Management

Barrington Group Incorporated

AI was able to raise the amounts the insurance company offered by significant amounts and also referred Real Restoration, a construction company, who restored both buildings... they did an excellent job... Suffering… Read More about Marcia Grubb

Marcia Grubb, President

Grubb Property Management, Inc.

I would like to thank... Globe Midwest/Adjusters [International], for the wonderful support during our insurance claim. With [the Globe MWAI team's] experience and knowledge the process was much more manageable. The… Read More about Susan Kazma

Susan Kazma, Broker/Owner


On behalf of Gordon-Begin Properties, I would like to thank you for our invaluable assistance in handling our devastating water damage claim... [I've] known Globe Midwest/AI and its people since 1982... Even after our… Read More about Julio Puzzuoli

Julio Puzzuoli, VP, General Manager

Gordon-Begin Properties

After our building was damaged by a sewage backup, we had to scramble to keep our business operational as well as deal with mitigation, repairs, and an insurance claim... [The Globe Midwest/Adjusters International… Read More about Mark Oseroff

Mark Oseroff, President

Cal Med Medical Supplies, Inc.

We have used [Globe Midwest/Adjusters International] on two substantial fire claims, with very favorable results on both. In each case, [the public adjusters] worked professionally with the representatives from the… Read More about Ivan Djurin

Ivan Djurin, Former President

North Street Properties

[Globe Midwest/Adjusters International's] professional and diligent approach during many challenging moments never caused [the firm] to loose focus on my best interest. [The adjusters'] tenacity in overcoming objections… Read More about Thomas J. Baker

Thomas J. Baker, Proprietor

Stuart Avenue Inn

I am impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of Globe Midwest/Adjusters International. The Globe Midwest[/AI] adjuster... took charge of the process and made sure everything moved forward. [The adjuster] was… Read More about William Van Slooten

William Van Slooten, Business Owner

Van Slooten Tree Farms, Inc.

I thought I had a good insurance company, but learned differently when we had a claim. They offered me $200,000 less than what Globe [Midwest/Adjusters International] got for me... A very efficient team came in and took… Read More about Bill Ring

Bill Ring, Business Owner

Pebble Lake Take Five

“We have never handled a claim of the magnitude of this one and do not feel like we would have recovered the amount of insurance funds that we have received to date without the attention of Globe Midwest... We feel that… Read More about Larry D. Noe

Larry D. Noe

Saver Group, Inc.

To anyone reading this that has had a large commercial property loss, you need to learn from our experience in dealing with the insurance claim. [Globe Midwest/Adjusters International's] adjuster... increased the Actual… Read More about Jerry Jariwala

Jerry Jariwala, Manager

Comfort Inn Westport

There is no doubt in our minds, that had we tried to handle our claim directly with the insurance company, our recovery would have been much smaller than what was ultimately achieved... [Globe Midwest/AI's] knowledge of… Read More about Rick Wilkinson

Rick Wilkinson, Vice President, Owner

United Pipe and Supply Co., Inc.

[Globe Midwest/Adjusters International] achieved a settlement number that was more than acceptable, it was outstanding!... [The firm's] approach and hard work, ended with our company receiving all depreciation, ACV and… Read More about John Schimidt

John Schimidt, Owner

Bridgeman Michigan LLC

…we recently experienced a major fire in our manufacturing and distribution facilities... Without [Globe MW/AI's advice] I am confident we would not be getting fair treatment from our insurance company. [The firm] has… Read More about Scott Bowron

Scott Bowron, President

Jamestown Designs Ltd.

[Globe Midwest/Adjusters International] immediately took control of our claim and with [the firm's] expertise and the support from [the] team of construction experts, equipment specialists, estimators and accountants… Read More about Frances & Randy Truant

Frances & Randy Truant, Owners

Giovanni's Ristorante

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.