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    Your business just suffered serious damage and you are wondering what you need to do to expedite financial and operational recovery.

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    You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to arrive, assuming you’ll receive what your insurance policy states you’re covered for. Afterall, that’s why you’ve been paying your insurance premiums all along, right?

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    As a client of your insurance company, your claim is now a liability on its financial statements.

We Can Help

Knowing everything you possibly can about the "fine print" of your insurance policy before you have substantive dialogue with your carrier is critical. Understanding what you are covered for and how to claim it is where our experience starts to be of value.

Choosing what to say to your insurance company's adjuster and how you say it makes a dramatic difference in how much and how quickly you get paid. Globe Midwest/Adjusters International's public adjusters are experts in insurance claim negotiation.

The more you know, the better the results, so turn to the firm who has been in the field, since 1924 and has the repertoire of satisfied clients to prove it. 

Factors To Consider

Be sure to understand each of the following factors before engaging with the insurance company. Knowledge is the key to a successful claim outcome.

  • Can I continue to pay my employees?
  • Can I compensate employees who help with cleaning or restoration?
  • Are replacement properties an option for me? Would a lease purchase strategy be beneficial?
  • What happens at the end of my claim if I have moved my business to a temporary location? 
  • What happens if I open my business elsewhere and I am successful? What happens if I am not successful?
  • How quickly can I start rebuilding?
  • How does my insurance policy address increased costs due to new codes? If my coverage is limited, what can I do about it?
  • Does Title 24 and handicap access impact my claim?

You maximized our recovery and minimized our "recovery time." What could have been a tedious, time consuming process for the Board and staff of The Washington Ballet was handled effectively and efficiently by your staff.

Elvi Moore
The Washington Ballet, Washington, DC

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