If your Elkhart Business is facing a major property damage insurance claim, it’s worth working with a licensed insurance professional independent of your insurance company. Our expert public adjusters advocate for your best interests and negotiate a fair settlement so you can recover more, sooner. 

What type of property damage is common in Elkhart Indiana?

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Following property damage in Elkhart, an insurance company may primarily seek to safeguard its financial interest, which could result in hasty evaluations by the company's internal insurance adjuster. Consequently, this might lead to a diminished settlement proposal that fails to accurately represent the full extent of your business damage.

A certified public adjuster, with their in-depth understanding of the claims procedure, works on behalf of the property owner. Their role is to validate the actual extent of the damage and justify the correct settlement to the insurance company.

Why Globe Midwest

Since 1924, our firm has been the most reliable public adjusting firm to secure full settlements for Midwest businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, manufacturing, hospitality, and energy. We are local to Indiana, understand the disasters to impact your area, and have secured billions of dollars in settlements for thousands of satisfied clients.

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