We are Evanston's oldest and most established public adjusting firm, which means we are there for property owners and homeowners when they suffer property damage and need an insurance claim expert they can trust to secure a fair and just settlement.

After all, your insurance policy is a business contract with the insurance company, and handling property insurance claims is part of their business model. They have their own property claims division that specializes in insurance claims and the amount of money they pay out for claims.

That's why our experts are licensed by Illinois to represent only you, the policyholder. We are not a part of the insurance company and we only look out for your best interests.

You have a say in your property insurance claim and who you work with to ensure the best possible outcome. With Globe Midwest/Adjusters International, you save time, energy, and sanity as we secure the settlement you deserve.

What Types of Property Damage Can Happen in Evanston?

Adjusters International Residential Fire Damage Claim

Fire Damage

A single cooking accident in your Evanston apartment complex can destroy many other units and cost you tenants and rent payments. Faulty wiring may cause a fire in your home while you’re away. Our expert public adjusters document all the damage in a detailed claim we present to your insurance company. Fire damage includes:

  • Structural damage and roof collapse
  • Smoke damage
  • Loss of contents/inventory (both inside and attached to the property)
  • Water damage from extinguishing the fire
  • Loss of business income
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Flooded Residential Neighborhood

Flood Damage

Lake Michigan flooding can damage lakeside properties in Evanston, destroying electrical systems and causing mold growth and other hazards. A Globe Midwest Public Adjuster helps you understand your coverage and then documents the damage in detail for your claim.

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Hand Pointing to Broken Window


Because of COVID-19, there is an increase in vacancies, inviting strangers to trespass, steal, and inflict property damage. Our licensed and certified Public Adjusters can help you understand if your policy covers vandalism damage.

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Hail on the Ground

Hail Damage

The spring 2020 hailstorm in Evanston and Cook County pelted windows, siding, and rooftops with golfball-sized hailstones. If your hail damage isn’t accurately identified and documented in your commercial or homeowners insurance claim, hidden damage can later lead to leaks and rot, which your settlement may not cover when repairs are needed.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Winter Storm Damage

Evanston regularly experiences Lake Michigan winter storm surges and above-average snowfalls. A typical storm can cause roof collapse, damaged shingles, and frozen and burst pipe water damage.

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Why Would Evanston Property Owners Need a Public Adjuster on Their Side?

When you’re faced with property damage, it’s your responsibility to manage the insurance claim process — not the insurance company's. It’s up to you to provide detailed proof of your loss and to comply with all the time-sensitive obligations outlined in your policy. A public adjuster is an insurance claim expert independent of the insurance company and only looking out for you.

Our expert Public Adjusters handle claims every day and are fluent in property damage policies. We help you understand your options, apply those options to your benefit, prepare a detailed claim, and negotiate on your behalf the fair and just settlement you deserve.

Why Rely on a Globe Midwest/Adjusters International Public Adjuster for Evanston Property Damage?

For nearly a century, we've set the bar for expert public adjusting services in Evanston, Chicago, and throughout Illinois. We've handled thousands of residential, commercial property damage, and business interruption claims and consistently secure fair and just settlements to help people restart their lives. Also, we're close to Evanston and can provide immediate assistance.

  • We have recovered billions in settlements for policyholders.
  • We have thousands of satisfied clients.
  • We work for you, not the insurance company.

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