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Globe Midwest/Adjusters International has a long history of helping MI businesses and commercial property owners navigate the hail damage insurance claim process.

  • Our professionals quickly review your insurance policy to help you understand what coverage you lack or any obstacles you may incur once you submit your claim.
  • Our experts inspect your property's damage to ensure it justifies filing an insurance claim and we help locate any damage that is not apparent but could cause issues later on.

Globe Midwest/Adjusters International handles the property insurance claim process, so you can focus on your family and business.

Why Globe Midwest/Adjusters International?

  • Our licensed public adjusters represent you, not the insurance company.
  • Globe Midwest/AI public adjusters handle every step of the hailstorm damage insurance claim process to save you time and stress.
  • We have nearly a century of unmatched expertise preparing and settling hail damage insurance claims.
  • We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you receive every dollar you’re entitled to under your unique insurance policy.
  • We use our in-depth insurance policy knowledge to ensure you receive an expedited and optimized insurance claim settlement.
  • The Globe Midwest/AI team has guided thousands of satisfied clients to a successful financial recovery.

Our Results

To anyone reading this that has had a large commercial property loss, you need to learn from our experience in dealing with the insurance claim. [Globe Midwest/Adjusters International's] adjuster... increased the Actual… Read More about Jerry Jariwala

Jerry Jariwala, Manager

Comfort Inn Westport

Looking back on it, I can see that the first few days after a fire there are several decisions that no one should face without a professional firm. The subsequent work your team performed by bringing in engineers… Read More about Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson, President

AutoLign Manufacturing Group

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job you and Globe Midwest have consistently performed on our property insurance claims. ...As a company which owns and manages approximately 10,000 apartments, when a claim… Read More about Harold Beznos

Harold Beznos

The Beztak Companies

Within hours of retaining your firm, your staff of construction consultants were on site to help us quantify the extent of the damage and coordinate agreement of the emergency measures underway with our insurer. ...Your… Read More about Wayne M. Naylor

Wayne M. Naylor, Director of Risk Management

York International Corporation

We certainly could never have gotten as far as you did on both the property and the BIEE claims. There is just too much that we didn't know regarding our rights under the insurance coverage. Your knowledge, persistence… Read More about Susan Aumiller

Susan Aumiller, Controller

MBA Polymers, Inc.

You and the team of experts at Globe Midwest/Adjusters International quickly identified the problem areas, produced the necessary documentation, filed the claim and negotiated the settlement for an amount I thought… Read More about Reverend Jim Holley

Reverend Jim Holley, Reverend

The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church

...Globe Midwest took immediate control of the project, including securing the building, handling all correspondence with the insurance company, and ensuring everything was properly handled and expedited. During the… Read More about Matthew B. Lester

Matthew B. Lester, Owner

Princeton Enterprises, LLC

Had you been handling and guiding the preparation and presentation of all our damage estimates from the beginning, our recovery could have been far greater. I speak from experience when I say that estimates given "off… Read More about Lanny L. Uden, P.E.

Lanny L. Uden, P.E., Director of Civil Engineering

Board Of Public Utilities, Kansas City, KS

Featured Settlement Manufacturing Facility Collapse

Manufacturing Facility

Globe Midwest/Adjusters International
$3.5 million
Globe Midwest/Adjusters International
Featured Settlement Apartment Collapse

Apartment Building

Globe Midwest/Adjusters International
$2.4 million
Globe Midwest/Adjusters International
Strip Mall 1126451194

Retail Center

Globe Midwest/Adjusters International
$1.3 million
Globe Midwest/Adjusters International

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.

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