Female Homeowner Standing in Her Home

Step 1: Ensure the Safety of Your Family

When disaster strikes, your first priority is making sure your family is safe.

Adjuster Shaking Hands with a Client

Step 2: Contact a Public Adjuster

Our team will meet with you at your convenience.

Adjuster and a Client Looking at Paperwork

Step 3: Thorough Review of Your Policy

Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your insurance policy, and our construction estimators and contents specialists review, inspect, and document all damaged and destroyed property.

Adjuster and a Client Reviewing Paperwork

Step 4: Create a Claims Strategy That Works with Your Goals

We meet with you to create and activate the best claims strategy to take care of your family.

Two Adjusters Processing Paperwork

Step 5: We Take Care of All Insurance-Related Needs

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we will:

  • Meet with insurance company personnel on-site.
  • Meet on an agreeable scope of damages (what should be repaired versus replaced).
  • Prepare a detailed reconstruction estimate.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of personal property.
Two Homeowners Meeting With an Adjuster

Step 6: Negotiations & Final Settlement

We negotiate the best settlement possible under your insurance policy.

Male Homeowner Sitting in His Kitchen

Step 7: Restoration? Reconstruction? Relocation?

We negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you can achieve your specific goals, whether you are restoring or rebuilding your property or relocating.