Adjusters International Ensure the Safety of Your Family

Step 1: Ensure the Safety of Your Family

When disaster strikes, your first priority is making sure your family is safe.

Why Adjusters International

Step 2: Contact a Public Adjuster

Our team will meet with you at your convenience.

Adjusters International Comprehensive Review Of Your Policy

Step 3: Thorough Review of Your Policy

Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your insurance policy, and our construction estimators and contents specialists review, inspect, and document all damaged and destroyed property.

Adjusters International Creating a Claims Strategy

Step 4: Create a Claims Strategy That Works with Your Goals

We meet with you to create and activate the best claims strategy to take care of your family.

Adjusters International We Take Care of All Insurance-Related Needs

Step 5: We Take Care of All Insurance-Related Needs

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we will:

  • Meet with insurance company personnel on-site.
  • Meet on an agreeable scope of damages (what should be repaired versus replaced).
  • Prepare a detailed reconstruction estimate.
  • Prepare a detailed inventory of personal property.
Adjusters International Our Team Is Here For You

Step 6: Negotiations & Final Settlement

We negotiate the best settlement possible under your insurance policy.

Adjusters International Rebuilding Restoration And Relocation

Step 7: Restoration? Reconstruction? Relocation?

We negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you can achieve your specific goals, whether you are restoring or rebuilding your property or relocating.