Why You Need a Public Adjuster We Handle the Entire Claims Process and Negotiate a Full and Fair Settlement Exclusively for You.

Losing your home to a disaster is one of the most traumatizing things to happen in life. Then, as you try to breathe for a moment, you are told you have to participate in a complex and challenging “insurance claims process” to get your settlement. The odds are you have never dealt with making a significant insurance claim, so you have no idea what is coming and how to prepare.

Just as your insurance company brings its team of experts to protect its financial exposure to your claim, the law allows you to hire your own team of property insurance claim experts to level the playing field. These advocates are licensed public adjusters.

Public Adjuster
Insurance Company's or Independent Adjuster

Represents the homeowner and develops a claims strategy, documents the damage in detail, prepares the claim, and negotiates the settlement.


Represents the insurance company’s interests.

Our fee is based on a percentage of your client’s final settlement.


Paid by the insurance company to protect its financial exposure to your claim.

Licensed, bonded, and tested by the state to represent your interests.


Qualifications may differ based on the insurance carrier and other variables.

Our team levels the playing field, protects your interests, and secures a fair and just settlement as soon as possible.


This team works for the insurance company to reduce its financial exposure to your claim.

We are your unwavering advocates, working only for you so that you can get back to what is most important: your life and family.