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    Trusted Advisors: Does Your Client Know the Risks of Hidden Damage?

    When your client suffers major property damage, they most likely will be dealing with chaos and confusion, as they just suffered a traumatic and unanticipated event. Oftentimes, the damage your client has experienced is to their largest assets.

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    BOMA’s 9th Annual Trade Fair and Tailgate Event

    Get out your seersucker suits and floppy hats for BOMA’s 9th annual Trade Fair and Tailgate event. This year’s theme is the Kentucky Derby and Globe Midwest Adjusters International hopes to see you there!

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    Annual Property Insurance Check-Up

    Your physical health depends on routine check-ups to identify potential problems so you can make lifestyle changes to keep your body healthy and at peak performance. The health of your hotel is no different. Your property insurance should also undergo an annual “check-up” to stay current with your ever-changing business and ensure that you’re properly protected in the event of a loss.

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    In the News – Beyond Basics Publishing Event

    On Wednesday, March 13th, 2019, Globe Midwest Adjusters International was proud to support Beyond Basics, a nonprofit literacy organization. Globe Midwest’s SVP of Business Development, Stuart Dorf volunteered to help with a Publishing Center event at Burton International Academy. Open to all students in the school, The Publishing Center helps students improve their writing skills with the help of volunteers.

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    Globe Midwest Attends Best Western Hotels & Resorts District VII Meeting

    Globe Midwest Adjusters International recently participated in Best Western Hotel & Resorts 2019 District VII Meeting which took place on Monday, April 1, at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. As a conference exhibitor, the firm joined more than 250 hotel owners from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Canada who attended District VII’s premier educational event.

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    In the News – Beyond Basics Open House

    On Friday March 1st 2019, Globe Midwest Adjusters International was proud to support Beyond Basics,
    a nonprofit literacy organization.

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    After the Thaw - Take Action When Your Business Suffers Frozen Pipes

    In addition to record low temperatures throughout the Midwest, the recent polar vortex also brings with it the risk of frozen pipes in your commercial property. If left unnoticed, frozen pipes can be devastating to the structure of your building as well as the operation of your business.
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    How to Be Sure You’re Meeting the Requirements in Your Commercial Property Damage Insurance Claim

    When your property sustains damage, the commercial insurance claim that follows is a considerable burden to shoulder, and it places multiple complicated and critical responsibilities in your lap. Though every policy varies, the key to success in navigating them is the same: knowledge is power.
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