Client Testimonial after Significant Property Damage

Our licensed Public Adjusters from Globe Midwest Adjusters International secured a fair and just settlement after significant property damage.


Hi, my name is Mark Keller, I am the General Manager of Sagamore Associates in Cleveland, Ohio. We had an incident on October 23rd, 2018 that caused significant, significant damage to one of our

I quickly realized when dealing with the insurance company that there's a difference between having an insurance policy and knowing how to use that insurance policy that we have.

The insurance company was having their experts call us daily to get them documentation inventories and other items that we just did not know how to get to them. We didn't know what we needed to do to pull the information together.

Once I hired Globe Midwest, they took care of everything that we needed they took care of, reviewing our policy, they took care of helping me put together our building contents and business interruptions part of our claim, and they negotiated a great insurance settlement for us.

They lowered my stress and they got us back in business sooner than we would have been able to get ourselves back in business.

Just want to express a thank you and our appreciation to Globe Midwest. Thanks.