Fire Damage Claim Testimonial

Joe suffered a devastating fire. A friend suggested that he use an insurance advocate to represent him in the property insurance claims process. Our licensed public adjusters protected his needs, handled the claim in detail, and negotiated a full and fair settlement on his behalf.


My name is Joe and I had experienced a traumatic and devastating fire this past year.

I contacted my insurance company and was extremely disheartened to find that their response to my claim was negative.

In speaking with a friend, I had been suggested that I find an insurance advocate to represent me in my claim status.

After investigating insurance advocates, I decided to go with Globe Midwest International.

Globe Midwest was extremely supportive, even prior to contracting with them.

Be patient, trust the process.

These are a few of the things that Globe Midwest had supported me with.

Insurance claims are complicated.

There's a difference between having insurance and using your insurance policy.

Globe Midwest will handle your insurance claim, adjusters, and support you throughout this claim process. The long and short of it is never deal with your insurance company directly.

Always support yourself with representation.

Globe Midwest acquired a satisfactory resolution to my insurance claim.

I am not disappointed.

I highly recommend Globe Midwest Adjusters International for your insurance needs.

If you've come to a point in your life where you have suffered a traumatic or devastating fire, Globe Midwest is highly recommended.

Thank you.