Testimonial from Kate Vilter of Riverside Inn in Leland after Her Fire Damage Claim

Our licensed Public Adjusters from Globe Midwest Adjusters International kept Kate in control of her fire damage claim, helping her navigate the property insurance claim process and securing for her a fair and just settlement.


I'm Kate Vilter and I'm the owner of Riverside Inn in Leland. We suffered a fire in October of 2018 and, at first, I thought after touring the place that we were in pretty good shape and we would have a reconstruction over the winter and reopen in the springtime. Pretty soon, I realized I was wrong about that.

The fire restoration firm and the insurance company took over the situation and I was kind of pushed aside as decisions were being made around me instead of with me. Whenever I asked about soot and fire, smoke damage, I was told we would find things out as we went along. Again, I was just being pushed aside and I didn't have the information. Whole industries are around this process of fire and water damage and you don't know anything about them until you're in the midst of it learning as you go.

Luckily, a couple of days after the fire, a friend of mine called me and said that I needed to look into Globe Midwest. I didn't call right away and I really wish that I had. I was in the midst of it and I was overwhelmed and I didn't know what to do. Finally, I realized I was completely out of control of the situation and I called Globe.

The team came in and assessed the building and really walked me through the whole stages. I was informed about every decision I had to bring up. I had experts here the whole way through. They guided me through the process and we ended up with the best settlement we possibly could have received.

I can't imagine doing this without their help. My sanity, my livelihood, my business all depended on it. I highly recommend the entire team of Globe Midwest.