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Watch an interview with Globe Midwest/Adjusters International’s Chairman & President, Bobby Levin, SPPA, and FOX Detroit’s meteorologist, Michael Estime.


Knocked down trees and of course, knocked down power lines all over parts of Metro Detroit and, of course, we're nearing the anniversary of the severe flooding threat that hurt so many Detroit residents. You'll remember that took place last summer, and on the heels of all of that, of course, we talked about that big giant EF-3 tornado in Gaylord, Michigan earlier this year as well, and it has a ton of people asking how do I prepare myself, my family, my home for when disaster strikes?

We are so happy to be joined by Bobby Levin. He is the Globe Midwest Adjusters International Chairman and President joining us this morning. Bobby, good morning to you, so good to have you with us.

Good morning, thank you for having me.

Absolutely, thanks for your time this morning. As we mentioned before, we are no stranger here in Metro Detroit to severe weather. What are some tips and tricks that you have for us here in the community to get ready in the event that severe weather strikes? What are some of those things that we should have in mind?

Well, we're approaching the anniversary of last year's floods that hit Detroit and other areas pretty significantly and I think one of the keys that, when I represent a client — whether it's a residential claim or it's chairman of a public company — the one thing they have in common is they really don't know what they're entitled to under their policy and the only time you find out is after a claim.

So based upon what has happened in the past, I would say one critical aspect is to find out from your agent, in the event of whether it's a flood, it's a hurricane, what are you covered for? So that you know that when something happens that you have insurance or, frankly, that you don't, and if you don't, such as flood coverage, sewer backup, which happens quite often. These hundred-year storms are happening every other year, so you need to know. And, frankly, with what has happened over the years, insurance companies have taken an aggressive move to reduce coverage, increase deductibles, so it's changed and what you might have had coverage for last year you may not have this year. So that's a critical aspect because you have to know what you're entitled to.

Yeah, absolutely that makes sense. Bobby, I really appreciate that. I'm going to kind of do a deep dive into this because you need to be very familiar with what your insurance policy covers. Do you suggest at this point, as you mentioned before, these one-hundred-year floods are happening so much more frequently in Metro Detroit it feels like every single summer we're talking about flooding here and there and all over the place. Do you suggest getting or adding supplemental insurance to this or what?

Yes, I do. Some policies include coverage. Some of them have like sewer backup, as an example, they may have it. Others don't. Some policies have it and it's very limited coverage. So contacting your agent, getting very specific, and then asking what options your particular insurance companies provide. Deductibles have gotten to be higher so the exposure when something happens is you should know who to call, whether it's flooding, whether it's a tornado that hit in Gaylord. Who do you call to come in and provide some emergency services to you? It's very important because obviously everybody's making those calls and you want to be able to get in line instead of trying to find out who to call. With the floods last year, it took weeks and sometimes a month before you could get somebody out there.

And Bobby, I want to jump in here real quick and ask you — Bobby let me ask you a real quick question about public adjusters. Should we call a public adjuster before we contact our insurance company? Is that a good idea?

Well, I'm a public adjuster so I think it's a great idea, but the answer is yes. I think you need to have an immediate — the public adjuster, the way we operate is we're the quarterback so we can help bring in emergency services. We can help identify what your coverages are, but by the time we get involved the coverages are already in place, but it's also to explain and help guide an insured through the process because there are building damages, there are contents damages, there's loss of income and extra expenses. Somebody has to guide you through that and we are the advocate for the insured, we're the only advocate for the insured, so yes, and especially in a major claim, it's very important since you don't know what you're entitled to. You don't know what you're entitled to, it's very difficult to prepare your claim as such.

Right, Bobby you know we really appreciate your time so very much and you know we're running low on time right now, but we want to keep in close contact with you because something tells me through this upcoming summer season we will be in correspondence with you quite a bit as summer thunderstorms move on through. Bobby thank you so much for your time this morning. We really appreciate it.

Thank you very much. Okay, take care.

Absolutely, we're back with more right after this.