Adjusters International Public Adjusters Advantage

Public Adjusters Can Give Your Clients an Advantage

As one of the nation’s largest and oldest public adjusting firms, Globe Midwest/Adjusters International exclusively advocates for the insured.

Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, and with offices across the country, we are experienced with the types of natural disasters that strike our clients and the companies that insure them.

Our Adjustment Services

  • We meticulously review the insurance policy to identify compliance issues and hidden coverages within your borrower’s policy.

  • We work in conjunction with your borrower/asset manager (in case of an REO), to properly prepare, present, and negotiate the insurance claim with the insurance company.

  • With the region’s largest and most experienced team of senior adjusters, CPAs, building estimators, and content appraisers, Globe Midwest/Adjusters International has the resources to correctly value the asset’s value.

The insurance company will have adjusters and experts representing their interest, so your client should have an advocate working and advocating on their behalf. Your client will then be able to focus on their recovery from the devastation of the loss and not on the complicated and stressful claim process.

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