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Insurance Claim Services For Restaurateurs

When you’ve worked hard to make your restaurant a success, suffering insured property damage shouldn’t threaten your future. Your commercial property insurance claim is supposed to make you whole — and our public insurance adjusters make sure no one stands in the way of your maximum financial recovery.

If you’ve suffered commercial property damage from fire, water, wind or another disastrous event, you do NOT have to deal with commercial insurance claim delays, denials, or low-ball offers.

Call in the public adjusters at Globe Midwest Adjusters International. We have a 94-year track record of successfully helping policyholders collect every dollar they’re entitled to under the terms of their commercial property insurance.

Trusting your insurance company to pay you everything you’re entitled to for your commercial property insurance claim is like trusting the IRS to do your taxes. It’s not a risk you have to take.

Much like you’d consult a CPA for complex tax matters, or an attorney for complex legal matters, our public insurance adjusters are licensed professionals who work exclusively for you when you need the highest payout for your insurance claim settlement.

If you’re being treated unfairly settling your commercial property insurance claim, Globe Midwest Adjusters International tips the scale back in your favor.

While Globe Midwest concentrates on the details of your property and business income claim, you are free to devote full-time attention to serving your customers and getting your business back up and running.

Your Situation

Situation 1
You just suffered serious damage to your restaurant/tavern and you are wondering what to do next.
Situation 2
You call your insurance company and wait for an adjuster to come out hoping they will have your best interests at heart.
Situation 3
You move from the asset side of your insurance company's ledger to the liability side of their ledger.

How We Can Help

The More You Know, The Better The Results.

  • Settlement We will negotiate the best possible settlement.
  • Peace of Mind We can help you get back to your lives, family, and business sooner.
  • Administration We cover every part in preparing and settling your claim.
  • Team A team of experts on your side.

Restaurant / Tavern
Factors To Consider

When filing a restaurant insurance claim, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. To help you navigate the process, we have put together several talking points for you to review. Having a full understanding of each of the below bullet points is crucial to documenting, filing, and successfully settling your insurance claim. If any of these questions give you pause, please feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost discussion about your claim.
  • Insurance companies frequently use independent building and equipment consultants on large claims to prepare a bid.
    • Who are these consultants?
    • Who are they working for?
    • Do they only work for insurance companies? Why should this be a red flag?
  • How do the smoke and the water used to fight the fire affect your equipment? Your computers and other electronics?
  • Is there coinsurance in your policy?
    • If there is, what does it mean?
    • If there is, did your insurance company’s adjuster tell you? If not, why not?
    • How is coinsurance calculated on replacement cost? On actual cash value?
    • Properly managing coinsurance can prevent disaster. Not properly managing coinsurance can put you out of business!
  • Hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead can be expensive to address. Make sure your insurance carrier does not cut corners when addressing this issue.
  • What happens when the insurance company engages a forensic accountant?
    • What is his/her role?
    • Why can’t you just have your accountant prepare your claim?
    • What is the harm in sharing your financial statements?
    • Are you required to produce your tax returns?
    • Can you recast your financial statements? If so, why?
  • How are tips treated? Are they considered continuing payroll?
  • What are expediting expenses? How do they differ from extra expenses?
  • You own multiple restaurants in a geographic area and sales go up at other locations as a result of the fire. Does the insurance company get credit?
  • What is your broker or agent’s role?
    • Will he/she be adjusting the claim?
    • How many claims has he/she handled?
    • Will his/her role be active or passive?
    • When faced with supporting your position or the insurance company’s, where will he/she stand?
  • Replacing versus replacing equipment. Pros and cons.
  • Code Upgrade coverage is very important when rebuilding after a fire.
    • How does your coverage address codes?
    • If your coverage is limited, is there anything you can do about it?
  • Temporary locations? What happens at the end of your claim?
  • Warranties and Protective Safeguard Requirements.
    • What do they mean?
    • What if you are not in full compliance?
    • Can you still collect?
  • What are the extra expenses? What can be included?
  • Title 24 and handicap bathrooms, bars, seating and dance floors. What does it mean to you? Your claim?
  • How do you project lost sales? Sales declines?
  • Can you continue to pay your employees?
    • “Ordinary” employees versus “key” employees. How do they get identified? What is covered?

Restaurant / Tavern Client References

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  • American Steel Corp. - Detroit, MI
  • Appeteaser, Inc. - Milford, MI
  • Aretha Franklin - Bloomfield Township, MI
  • Back to Woodlands Supper Club - Birchwood, WI
  • Beaver Inn - Indian River, MI
  • Beverly Center - Los Angeles, CA
  • Bil-Mar Foods, Inc. - Zeeland, MI
  • Board of Public Utilities - Kansas City, KS
  • Bobby Moore's Blind Fish - St. Clair, MI
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation - St. Joseph, MO
  • Brew's Brothers, Inc. dba Crow's Nest Bar - Canton, MI
  • Bronson Recreation & Sports - Bronson, MI
  • C.J. Barrymore's - Mt. Clemens, MI
  • Canton Coney Island - Canton, MI
  • Charbonneau Family - West Branch, MI
  • Chicago Beef Co. - Detroit, MI
  • City Heat - Detroit, MI
  • City Management Corp. - Detroit, MI
  • Clinton Gables Bowling Alley - Mt. Clemens, MI
  • Cold Creek Inn - Buelah, MI
  • Country Inn - Fountain, MI
  • Detroit Bagel Factory - Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Detroit Tam-O-Shanter, Inc. - Orchard Lake, MI
  • Diplomat Health Club - Grand Rapids, MI
  • El Farolete Restaurant - Saginaw, MI
  • F.D. Stella Products Co. - Detroit, MI
  • Factory Card Outlet - Naperville, IL
  • Flying Machine - Harper Woods, MI
  • Forest City Enterprises, Inc. - Akron, OH
  • Four Flags Rentals - Niles, MI
  • Giovanni's Ristorante - Detroit, MI
  • Goldstar Equipment - Oak Park, MI
  • Grosvenor Properties - San Francisco, CA
  • Group One, Inc. - Northridge, CA
  • H. L. Libby Corporation - Punxsutawney, PA
  • Holland Rendering Co. - Hamilton, MI
  • Homedics - Commerce, MI
  • Hoopestan Family Restaurant - Hoopestan, IL
  • Jahn Foundry - Springfield, MA
  • Jimmy Dimitris Taverna - Mt. Clemens, MI
  • Just Ride Skate Park - Anderson, IN
  • Kabuki, Inc. - Farmington Hills, MI
  • Keller Development Corp. (Ramada Inn) - Effingham, IL
  • Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. - Hammond, IN
  • Kimberley Oaks Golf Club - St. Charles, MI
  • Lady Baltimore Foods - Kansas City, KS
  • Lambrights Egg Company - LaGrange, IN
  • Lefrak Organization - Charleston, SC
  • Lelli's Inn - Detroit, MI
  • Marco Island Hilton Beach Resort - Marco Island, FL
  • Marywood Country Club - Battle Creek, MI
  • Maxon Manor Inc. - Oregon, IL
  • Melody Foods, Inc. - Farmington Hills, MI
  • Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. - Union Grove, MA
  • Mico's Restaurant - Alden, MI
  • Midwest Fiberglass Foods - Granc Blanc, MI
  • Mr. B's Southfield, Inc. - Royal Oak, MI
  • Music Hall For Performing Arts - Detroit, MI
  • Muskegon Fish Fry - Muskegon, MI
  • New Heights Recovery & Power - Ford Heights, IL
  • Nugget Restaurant - Howell, MI
  • Olga's Kitchen - Southfield, MI
  • Oxford Inn - Novi, MI
  • Potamkin Companies - Miami, FL
  • Prime Quarter Steakhouse - Ashwaubenon, IL
  • Richard E. Jacobs Group - Key West, FL
  • Sailor's Rest Inn - Ludington, MI
  • Savoy Bar - Sault St. Marie, MI
  • Shamrock Lounge - Brighton, MI
  • Simmons Industries Inc. - Ft. Smith, AR
  • Sparks Exhibits - Melbourne, FL
  • St. Croix Sport and Power Equipment - River Falls, WI
  • Steinhause Eatery & Pub - Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Van Dresser Corp. - Troy, MI
  • Van Dyke Sport Center, Inc. - Warren, MI
  • Wabeek Country Club - Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • Wells Blue Bunny Dairy - LeMars, IA
  • Whiffle Tree, Inc. - Ann Arbor, MI
  • White Star Cafe - Hamtramck, MI
  • The Whitney - Detroit, MI