In the event your Champaign property suffers fire damage, water damage, business interruption or more, it’s important to know that a trusted private adjuster — known as a public adjuster — can save you time and stress by handling your insurance claim. Your insurance company will have its own team of adjusters for your claim. So why not have your own team exclusively looking out for you?

A team of licensed public adjusters from Globe Midwest has the same — if not more — experience as your carrier’s adjusters and can level the playing field. Using us to handle your Champaign claim will save you time and stress, and ensure you get all that you deserve.

What Are Examples of Property Damage That Can Happen in Champaign?

Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Property Fires

Commercial fires can spark and spread from faulty equipment and vehicles or even a building’s worn-out wiring (among other causes). What will be the financial impact of this disaster for your business in the short and long term? Commercial fire damage can include:

  • Smoke damage
  • Roof collapse
  • Damage or destruction of contents within and on your property
  • Business interruption and loss of income
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Adjusters International Residential Fire Damage Claim

House Fires

We understand that a house fire can become emotionally draining. Your focus now is on protecting your family. With the added responsibility of preparing a house fire insurance claim, it’s useful to have a highly experienced insurance professional looking out for you throughout the process.

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Hand Pointing to Broken Window


As we experience the social distancing guidelines for COVID-19, an unattended office building, home or second-home can encourage others to steal and inflict other property damage, whether intentional or not. Does insurance cover vandalism? Our claim experts can help you understand your policy.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence

Wind Damage and Tornadoes

Champaign tornado and wind damage can include fallen trees on buildings and property, punctured siding, leaking rooftops, and more. Is wind damage covered by homeowners insurance or commercial property insurance? Be sure to understand your policy.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


Heavy rains and flash flooding can destroy furniture, electrical systems, and other possessions within your building or home. Mold growth is also a risk if not addressed immediately. Do you know if you have homeowners or commercial flood insurance?

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Winter Storm Damage

Champaign winters can bring freezing temperatures that can burst pipes and cause significant water damage, especially if you are not on the premises in time to minimize the spill. Our licensed public adjusters can help with your winter or water damage insurance claim.

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Why Would You Need a Public Adjuster if You Have Property in Champaign?

If you were to suffer property damage from a disaster, it will be up to you to contact your insurance company and prepare your claim. Have you done this before? Insurance companies handle property damage claims every day.

Licensed and proven public adjusters like Globe Midwest help policyholders. As claim experts, we know how to avoid delay, efficiently prepare a detailed claim, and negotiate the settlement you deserve so you can get back to your life sooner.

Why Use a Licensed Globe Midwest/Adjusters International Public Adjuster?

We’ve been successfully managing claims throughout Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin for nearly a century. Our professionals are from here and headquartered here. We know what kind of disasters to help policyholders prepare for and deal with, and manage their property damage claims with care so that they receive the best possible settlement.

  • We have nearly a century of claim expertise in the Midwest.
  • We have thousands of satisfied clients.
  • We have recovered more than $2 billion in settlements.
  • We have offices close by and an extensive network to assist you immediately if the need arises.

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