Globe Midwest Adjusters International recently participated in the 2023 BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) Conference and Expo held in Kansas City, MO on June 24-27th. The convention was a premier event bringing together professionals from the real estate industry, property owners, and facility managers for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing the latest advancements in building management and sustainability. Attendees gained insights from expert speakers who covered a range of topics including property management best practices, emerging technologies, energy efficiency, and tenant engagement strategies.

Among the speakers were Bobby Levin, SPPA, Chairman and President of Globe Midwest Adjusters International; Danielle Levin Gabbard, Managing Partner of Globe Midwest Adjusters International; and moderator Stuart Dorf, JD, CPAU. At their sessions, “Stop Working for Free! Essential Service Provisions for Property Management Agreements”, Bobby and Danielle presented the extensive list of responsibilities after property damage occurs and discussed the supplemental/special service provisions that should be inserted to allow the owner/management company to be compensated by insurance companies for rendering these services. The audience engagement during the session was remarkable, and Bobby and Danielle were highly praised by the BOMA Educational team.