Business Owner Select Testimonial - Fire Damage to Restaurant

Marti Staci discusses the claim adjustment process after his family restaurant suffered a fire. He explains why he was thankful that he hired Globe Midwest/Adjusters International to assist with his insurance claim.

Since 1924, our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated thousands of claims for nearly every type of natural and man-made disaster, achieving for our clients over $2 billion in settlements.


Hi, my name is Marti Staci and I’m putting together this little video to talk to you about some of the experience we had with claims adjusting with our loss we had in 2016.

My family had a restaurant and lounge that my dad started in 1959 and I came back to operate it with him and I ran it with for about 20 years until the fire we had November 12th, 2016.

What I want to talk most about is the claims adjustment and what happened after the fire. The adjuster came to our house, and we found out that the policy that was 2 months old was an actual cash value policy and there was the disagreement. The insurance company came in at one figure with the adjuster excuse me, the appraiser they hired and that figure was only 40% of the policy limit that we had wrote two months before that so there was our argument.

It took me until January before I actually signed on with Globe. The best decision that we probably ever made. They got us to about 90% of the limit - could not have done that without them They were far far more prepared during the appraisal hearing than the insurance company was. I can’t say enough about Globe. If anyone wants to talk more about it, you’re more than willing to call me. I have nothing to gain or lose from this. I just want to make sure that if there are other people in the same situation as we are. If you’re listening to this, you know the kind of stuff that goes into it. The insurance company is much more prepared. It’s all they do is this. They wrote your policy they know it inside and out they know it better than you ever will and they’re not, they don’t have anything against you personally this is their business model they’re working under they have to reduce their losses to keep their profits where they need to be to keep their shareholder happy. So don’t take any of this personally how the insurance companies operating.

I want you to know if you have any questions, please call me. Globe has my number. And I’d be more than willing to help and tell you at least our experience and if there’s something you can draw from that, that’s a good thing in my mind.

Anyway, Thank you.