Homeowner House Fire Testimonial

The following is a video testimonial from our past client, a couple who are reflecting how our licensed public adjusters were able to help with preparing, estimating, negotiating and settling their homeowner insurance claim after a house fire for a fair and just settlement amount.


The following is a video testimonial from a couple who are reflecting how a licensed public adjuster was able to help with their homeowner insurance claim process.


When something like a fire happens, you don't know what to expect because you've probably never been through that before. Like we were. Globe was there to negotiate with the insurance company. To provide guidance as far as what needed to be done. They took care of it all. They took care of things that we didn't even know needed to be done.


So, Globe was terrific in providing guidance and providing services to us. Negotiating an extremely fair arrangement with the insurance company. Which we probably would not have had if Globe wasn't with us. So, thank you Globe, and I hope that we never do business again.


We were in shock. In the days to come, we had a lot to handle. We were feeling like we came so close to losing our lives and our home. Globe's assistance was crucial as we began to realize that we had a long, tedious process ahead to rebuild our home and our sense of security.


The Globe Team -- Carl, DJ, Kerrie, and others -- helped us as we had to maneuver through managing the business at hand. They helped us to list and organize what needed to be done.

to interface with the insurance company and multiple vendors.


The Globe team offered us reassurance that one day our lives would return to normal. This was truly invaluable. Five stars to the entire team. You offered us the perfect mix of respecting our

need to process the trauma and the skill and expediency to get our home restored to a beautiful fresh state, in record time. Bravo. Thank you, Globe Midwest.


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