Homeowner's Flood Video Testimonial

Mark shares his positive experience hiring Globe Midwest/Adjusters International to assist with preparing, estimating, negotiating, and settling his mother's house flood insurance claim.


The following is a video testimonial of a family member reflecting on how a licensed public adjuster was able to help his mother with her homeowner's insurance claim process.

Good Morning Stu. It's Mark and I wanted to thank you and the guys at Globe Midwest again for handling the flood at my Mom's house. After dealing with the insurance company for months, and them being unresponsive and giving a ridiculous number. And, turning things over to you made my life so much easier. I'll tell ya that I've owned property and I've managed property for years and I found out that it's much different than trying to deal with an insurance company. And having a claim to get what's rightfully deserved. The property fixed after the accident.

Ahh, so, again, everything turned out great and thanks to you and the guys at Globe Midwest for getting rid of the headache and getting us a just and fair settlement. So, thank you again from my Mom and I.

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