The company provides automotive parts and supplies throughout Minnesota. The large, one-story building in Minneapolis suffered a major fire in 2018. In the aftermath, the insurance carrier and the company had differing opinions on the size and value of the damage.


Globe Midwest’s expert team consisting of adjusters, contents and equipment specialists, building estimators, and forensic accountants quickly determined that the insurance company had undervalued the loss dramatically. Globe Midwest experts challenged the determination of the scope of damage and the pricing of that scope.

Globe Midwest began the process of preparing and documenting the loss, enabling the client to focus on resuming business operations and retaining their customer base.

Business interruption losses were particularly challenging. It was crucial to accurately document and prove the length of time that the carrier would be responsible for the loss of income and to determine what the carrier owed the company for those losses. 

Solutions Applied

Globe Midwest took over the process of preparing and documenting the loss, enabling the client to focus on resuming business operations and retaining their customer base. Globe Midwest’s team fully reviewed and identified the company’s commercial fire property damage and business interruption coverages.

Globe Midwest public adjusters became the claim advocates for the company, guiding it in the claims process while preparing an itemized claim package to secure a full settlement.

Globe Midwest implemented a multi-prong insurance claim strategy that ensured their compliance with the requirements of the policy.

Our team of adjusters, forensic accountants, inventory specialists, and building estimators proved a greater scope of damage than what was initially determined. Our experts challenged the insurance company adjuster as to what portions of their property could not be fixed and instead needed to be replaced.

We remained in constant communication with the insurance company’s claim team to make sure there were no oversights or delays. Our public adjusters worked to expedite the claim until the final settlement was approved by the carrier and was delivered without delay.


The client was very happy with the end result: Globe Midwest doubled the initial settlement offer, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the settlement!

We accomplished this excellent result by diligently challenging the carrier’s interpretation of the damage, and pushing back appropriately with accurate research and documentation. The client appreciated the expertise the Globe Midwest team brought to the situation and the clear communication between Globe Midwest and the client throughout the process.

“I soon realized after the burning of my building I did not have the ability to deal with an insurance company that thought of me now as a liability…My insurance company’s offer of $750,000, with Globe’s help, turned into a fair amount of twice that.”

Key Principal