If you’re facing a major property damage claim for your home, business or commercial property, you don’t have to go it alone. A team of licensed public adjusters can level the playing field by professionally managing your claim and negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company for a larger settlement.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Aurora, Illinois?

Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Property Fires

Structural damage, contents damage, and business interruption are the main concerns with a commercial property fire insurance claim. It’s best to work with an experienced team of insurance professionals on your side managing all aspects of the commercial claim, including loss of revenue and extra expense.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Business Interruption

Business or commercial property damage often means lost revenue during the period of business interruption. Also, extra expenses are likely incurred during the recovery process. For claims of this nature, a forensic accountant is needed to accurately calculate these losses. Our team of insurance experts includes forensic accountants to help you get every dollar you’re entitled to.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence


Tornados are a significant threat to policyholders in Aurora. With wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour, severe damage can happen within moments.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


Heavy damaging rains are common in Aurora. In fact, the 1996 rain storm that hit Aurora was one of the most costly weather disasters ever in the state of Illinois. The 16.94 inches recorded is the statewide record for the most rain to fall in a single 24-hour period, and damages totaled upward of $700 million.

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Adjusters International Residential Fire Damage Claim

House Fires

House fires can happen from cooking, placing candles in unsafe areas, and heating and electrical systems malfunctioning. In Aurora, the risk dramatically increases in winter months with the use of space heaters.

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homeowner water panel

Burst Pipe Water Damage

Frigid temperatures below 20° often result in frozen pipes that can burst from the pressure buildup. A crack as small as a couple of millimeters can leak hundreds of gallons of water a day.

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Why Do You Need an Aurora, IL Public Adjuster?

With a public adjuster on your side, you can rest assured that your insurance claim is being handled efficiently in your best interests. Our team of insurance professionals are the leading experts at managing Aurora property damage insurance claims and maximizing settlements.

Why Globe Midwest/Adjusters International?

Our experience spans more than 95 years helping over 15,000 clients across Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. At Globe Midwest, we are passionate about protecting your rights as a policyholder and ensuring a favorable outcome so you can rebuild your life or your business sooner.

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