If your Rockford home, business or commercial property has been damaged, don’t face the insurance claim process alone. There’s too much on the line to let your insurance company have the upper hand. Our public adjusters level the playing field to ensure you receive the fair and just settlement you’re entitled to.

What Type of Property Damage Is Common in Rockford, Illinois?

Adjusters International Residential Fire Damage Claim

Fire Damage

Fire claims can cause many different types of commercial or residential property damage, making them an especially complex claim. All damages—structural, contents, and business interruption loss— must be thoroughly documented and presented to the insurance company, so it’s important that you work with a team that has the experience and expertise to ensure an optimal outcome.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Business Interruption

When a disaster strikes your manufacturing, hospitality, or multifamily housing business, the property damage claim will be particularly complex. These claims require a licensed public adjusting team, including a forensic accountant to ensure a fair and just settlement that will cover the loss of revenue and extra expense during the disaster recovery process.

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Burst Water Pipe

Water Damage

The frigid winter months of Illinois are known for pipes bursting, leading to significant water damage. If water damage hits your home or commercial property, Globe Midwest’s public adjusters are ready to assist and guide you in the property damage claim process. We will help you save time and money, getting your life back to normal sooner.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence

Tornado Damage

Illinois tornadoes have struck the Rockford community on numerous occasions. Needless to day, the damage from a tornado on a commercial or residential property can take months to recover from. While your number one concern will be keeping your family or employees safe, our public adjusters will take the responsibility of handling the full insurance claim process to ensure you reach an optimal claim settlement.

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Why Do You Need a Rockford Public Adjuster?

Disasters happen in Rockford and when they do, you deserve to have the licensed representation of a professional public insurance adjuster on your side. Our team will interpret and navigate the complexities of your policy language, thoroughly assess and document all damages, professionally prepare your claim, and negotiate for the settlement you’re entitled to.

Why Globe Midwest/Adjusters International?

When you work with Globe Midwest/Adjusters International, you can count on a team of experienced professionals in your corner to help get your family or business back on track sooner, while keeping your stress level down in the process. As the Midwest’s largest and oldest public adjusting firm, we have worked with countless policyholders in the Rockford area and have a reference list of more than 15,000 satisfied clients to show for it.

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