Why Your Hotel Needs One!

Your physical health depends on routine check-ups to identify potential problems so you can make lifestyle changes to keep your body healthy and at peak performance. The health of your hotel is no different. Your property insurance should also undergo an annual “check-up” to stay current with your ever-changing business and ensure that you’re properly protected in the event of a loss.

Hoteliers face a risk of loss to their property and operating business every day due to the flurry of activity and actions that occur in a normal lodging stay. It is possible, however, to prevent or minimize the loss by thorough risk management and/or compensation by the comprehensive insurance policy. Scheduling an annual review of your policy with your agent or broker is crucial. Be sure to go through your policy with them in detail and make them aware of all the changes in your hotel facility.

Some changes that can impact coverage and need to be addressed upon renewing your insurance policy includes:

  • Change in location
  • Improvements or betterments to your existing location (adding rooms, towers, indoor pools or other significant remodeling)
  • Enhancement or addition of furnishings to rooms and/or common areas
  • Changes in business operations
  • Changes in municipal code requirements
  • Changes in ownership (of the business or the real property)
  • Addition of food or alcohol service

Helping Maximize Your Property Insurance Claim

When you’ve invested everything you have into making your hotel a success, suffering an insured property loss shouldn’t threaten your future. Your commercial property insurance claim is supposed to make you whole — and our public adjusters make sure no one stands in the way of your maximum financial recovery.

As the Midwest’s largest and oldest licensed public adjusting firm, Globe Midwest Adjusters International’s core focus is exclusively representing property and business owners, during the property insurance claim process, to ensure our clients
receive a fair and just settlement.

With offices in Southfield and Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as Chicago, Illinois, we are experienced with the types of natural disasters that strike the Midwest, the companies that insure here, and how local hotel claims are handled. We have the
resources and expertise to thoroughly investigate your loss, accurately prepare, document and submit your claim, and get you a full, fair and expedited settlement.

Our goal is to ensure that the claim is settled as quickly as possible with our client collecting the maximum benefit their policy entitles them to.