After devastating damage to your home, you’re denied compensation for your claim. You know you should receive the settlement through your insurance, but you are now being told that your homeowner’s claim is denied and you will not receive any settlement. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to try to appeal this decision and obtain the settlement you deserve.

Why Did They Deny the Claim?

Insurance companies will deny claims if they believe they do not need to pay it. They might deny your claim because they believe there is evidence you caused the damage and, therefore, it is not actually covered under your policy. They might deny your claim if they believe you did not file the claim in time. It’s a good idea to find out why they’re denying your claim so you can counter the denial and show you should actually receive a settlement to cover the damages to your property.

Proving Your Damages

Get evidence of your damages and the amount it will cost for everything to be repaired or replaced. Photographs from multiple angles help show the damage clearly and can help you show how the damage was caused. Additionally, if you have photographs from before the damage occurred, this could help show what you need to have repaired or replaced as the insurance company will be able to better see what exactly what damaged or destroyed.

Have a professional determine the amount to be repaired as well as the amount you’ll need to repair or replace everything that was damaged. A public adjuster can be invaluable at this point because they have the experience and training to know how to determine the full value of your property as well as the costs to repair or replace your property. They’ll be able to help you create an itemized list of everything that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Write a Demand Letter

The next step is to write a demand letter to the insurance company requesting full compensation for the damages to your property. In this letter, write out exactly what you’re looking for in compensation for the damages, detail the damages to your property, and include evidence you have of the damages or how they occurred. The insurance company may reverse their decision based on this letter, so be as thorough as possible with it.

Go Through the Formal Appeals Process

If they continue to deny your claim after the demand letter, look into whether they have a formal appeals process. Most insurance companies have this type of process so you can appeal their decision and obtain the compensation you need. Follow the appeals process carefully to have the best chance of having your claim approved.

Just because your claim has been denied doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a settlement to help you repair damages to your home. Follow these steps to try to get the insurance company to reverse their decision so you can get the money you need to return your property to how it was before the damages occurred.

Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

Dealing with a disaster recovery for your home is no easy task. Download Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim as a resource to help you through the turmoil.