COVID-19 has brought more than a few adjustments to our communities in 2020. This year has been a time of postponement, rescheduling every event imagined and an overall adjustment from our normal day-to-day. What the world envisioned as the perfect wedding gathering, graduation or family event has been disrupted by the pandemic in ways no one could have envisioned. Many of us could not imagine a Thanksgiving without Grandma passing her sweet potato casserole, and we are now forced to virtualize our Friendsgiving get together and, dare we say it, our Thanksgivings. However, instead of focusing on what we cannot do this season, it is important to train our minds to look at the positive and alternative ways to create a safe environment to enjoy this holiday as much as possible.

Although COVID-19 is at the top of our minds right now, we must remember that more cooking-related home fires occur on Thanksgiving than on any other day. Below we have compiled some tips to help make this an all-around safe and enjoyable holiday.

Be Alert

  • Keep a close watch on your cooking, specifically when heating cooking oil
  • Never leave cooking food unattended

Be Cautious

  • Keep oven food packaging and other combustibles away from burners and heat sources
  • Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher nearby. Never use water to extinguish a grease fire. If the fire is not manageable with an extinguisher, immediately call the fire department for help
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are working. Test them by pushing the test button

Be Safe

  • Be careful when handling hot food and liquids. The steam or splash from vegetables, gravy or coffee could cause serious burns
  • Turkey fryers should always be used outdoors a safe distance from buildings and any other flammable materials. Never use turkey fryers in a garage or on a wooden deck

Be Healthy

  • When dining with people living outside of your home, lower the risk by feasting outdoors like a cookout or by appropriately spacing each person’s place setting
  • Plate each person’s food beforehand to avoid multiple hands in serving bowls
  • Use single-use options, like salad dressing and condiment packets, and disposable items like food containers, plates, and utensils

Blog Article by Stuart Dorf, JD — Senior Vice President of Business Development/Marketing, Globe Midwest Adjusters International

For over 94 years, Globe Midwest Adjusters International public adjusters have successfully represented thousands of clients and secured billions of dollars in settlements for policyholders in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and throughout the Midwest.