To safeguard your business from a range of natural disasters, it's essential to consider both short-term and long-term risks. This article will outline post-disaster steps, with the recognition that each situation is unique. If safety is a concern, always contact local authorities.

After any disaster, here are critical points to remember: 

1. Safety Comes First:

Ensure the safety of yourself and your employees before addressing business matters.

2. Effective Communication:

Keep your staff informed about your business's status and your intended actions. Remember that your employees may have personal challenges post-disaster.

3. Thorough Documentation:

Assess the damage to your business comprehensively, documenting it with detailed photographs and written records for insurance purposes.


Now, let's look at specific disasters:


  1. Be alert to the dangers posed by high winds and flooding.
  2. Beware of electric shock and contaminated floodwaters.
  3. Be cautious about hidden structural damage.


  1. Recognize the severe risks associated with flooding.
  2. Watch for mold growth and the presence of wildlife.
  3. Use portable generators outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide exposure.


  1. Understand the unique challenges of tornado aftermath.
  2. Avoid live wires and gas leaks.
  3. Be vigilant for potential building collapse. 


  1. Take precautions before returning to wildfire-affected areas.
  2. Inspect equipment for fire damage.
  3. Be wary of secondary fires, heat pockets, and poor air quality.

In summary, safeguarding your business after a natural disaster requires careful planning and a focus on safety, communication, and documentation. Each type of disaster presents its own set of challenges, so be prepared and stay informed to protect your business effectively.


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Stuart Dorf, JD, CPAU | Executive Vice President

Stuart Dorf, JD, CPAU, Executive Vice President at Globe Midwest Adjusters International, is a licensed public adjuster, appraiser, umpire, and attorney who specializes in securing fair insurance claim settlements for property and business owners. With over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, law, and marketing, he holds licenses in multiple states, actively participates in legal associations, and has a strong entrepreneurial background. He earned his law degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law and graduated with honors from Tulane University. | 248.915.0399