Hiring a public adjuster benefits many individuals who are fighting an insurance claim. Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to delay or deny the payment of a claim, and the adjuster can be of great help at this time. What questions should be asked, however, before hiring a professional of this type?

    • The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters established the industry standards for these professionals. Inquire as to whether the company is registered with this organization. Members of the NAPIA have agreed to adhere to the organization’s strict code of conduct, which may be viewed at www.NAPIA.com. 

    • Request information regarding the company’s errors and omissions insurance policy. In the event a company refuses to share the policy number, the insurer’s name and number, or other pertinent information, continue looking for an adjuster. This insurance protects the individual in the event the adjuster makes an error or omits pertinent information and the claim is negatively impacted as a result.

  • What types of claims are handled? Insurance comes in many forms, and the same is true of insurance claims. When hiring an adjuster, make certain they have handled claims of a similar type. This information may also be found on the company website in many cases. 

  • Is the company licensed within the state? The state insurance department should be contacted at this time to determine if the company is currently licensed. They tend to be the agency overseeing the licensing of public adjusters in the different states. 

  • How long has the company been in business? Although this should not be the deciding factor, the information ought to be obtained. The experience of the adjusters working within the firm needs to likewise be taken into consideration, as an adjuster may have years or decades of experience before opting to branch out on his or her own or join a newly established firm. 

  • Ask that the adjuster provide industry references. A legitimate firm will gladly provide references along with recommendation letters from previous clients. Don’t take these references and recommendation at face value, though. Make the time to follow up with the clients to learn more about the firm and how it operates. 

  • How are business interruption claims addressed? A CPA is needed within the adjusting team to ensure the matter is handled properly. A reputable firm will have a CPA on their staff for this reason. 

  • How many claims are currently being handled? Each claim needs individual attention from the adjuster. As a result, a person fighting a claim needs to know the adjuster will give his or her case the attention it deserves.

  • Who will be responsible for communicating with the insurance company and its representatives? Some people wish to remain involved in the process. Others, however, want the adjuster to take on all tasks associated with the claim. Learn what the adjuster prefers before hiring a professional of this type. 

Why is the company a good fit for this claim? Let the adjuster explain why his or her firm should be hired. This provides additional information about the inner workings of the process, the firm, and more. 

A public adjuster becomes of great help when a settlement is delayed for any reason. However, the choice of public adjuster is of great importance. Research several professionals before choosing one to handle a case, as this helps to ensure the best outcome possible.

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