When your home is significantly or completely damaged due to a fire, a natural disaster, or another cause, you need to file an insurance claim to obtain compensation and start repairing or rebuilding your home. Part of the process, and likely one of the most important parts, is to fill out a Proof of Loss form to show what was damaged and what compensation you need. Below are tips to help you with this form.

Secure Your Property

If necessary, secure any belongings that are left in your home. This should be done if you cannot stay in your home until all repairs are made and your home is livable again. This helps protect you from further damage or theft.

Read Your Policy

Read your insurance policy carefully. This gives you all of the details you need for the Proof of Loss form required by your insurance company, including what needs to be attached and the deadline for filing the form.

Create an Inventory

Create a list of all damaged items, including specifically what the item is and the replacement value of the item. Be as specific as possible.

Take Photographs of Damage

If feasible, take photographs of the damage to your home and belongings. Take as many pictures as possible, making sure they’re clear and the damage is easily seen from multiple angles.

Keep Track of Living Expenses

Start tracking any living expenses that occur as soon as you leave your home if you cannot live in your home until repairs are made. You may be reimbursed for some or all of these expenses, so you’ll want to track what you purchased and keep receipts.

Fill Out Form Accurately

Be as accurate and specific as possible when you’re filling out the Proof of Loss. The more accurate and specific you are, the easier it is for the insurance company to see how much compensation you need.

Fill Out Form Promptly

Your insurer will set a time limit for how long you have to file the Proof of Loss. Make sure you get the form completed and filed on time. If extenuating circumstances mean you need extra time, contact the insurance company and get extra time in writing.

Fill Out Form Completely

Do not skip parts of the Proof of Loss form, even if you aren’t sure they’re really needed or you’re not sure what is needed. When the form is completely filled out, the insurance company will have the information they need to compensate you for the damages.

Obtain Detailed Estimates

Do not guess when you’re trying to estimate the property damage. Instead, get itemized and detailed estimates of the property damage and the cost to repair your property.

Get Professional Assistance

If you need any assistance filling out or filing the Proof of Loss form, do not hesitate to seek assistance. An insurance adjuster is going to be on your side and will walk you through everything you need to do to fill out and file the Proof of Loss form promptly so you can obtain the compensation you need.

Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

Dealing with a disaster recovery for your home is no easy task. Download Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim as a resource to help you through the turmoil.