Your home has been damaged and you know you need to file an insurance claim. You’ve learned a public adjuster can help, but you’re still concerned about hiring one because you’ve heard some myths about them in the past. Find out the truth about how a public adjuster can help you.

Using a Public Adjuster Raises Your Rates

Insurance is necessary, but the cost is already high enough and you won’t want to pay more just because you’ve hired a public adjuster to help you obtain the full settlement you need. The good news is, hiring a public adjuster is not going to automatically raise your insurance rates.

You Can Lose Coverage for Using an Adjuster

Along with hearing a public adjuster can cause rates to rise, many people have heard that hiring a public adjuster can cause you to lose coverage and perhaps make it harder to find new coverage. As with the myth of your rates rising, hiring a public adjuster is not going to mean you lose your insurance coverage and it will not make it harder for you to find new coverage at any point in the future.

Public Adjusters Fraudulently Obtain a Higher Settlement

This myth is prevalent because hiring a public adjuster can help you get a much higher settlement than you would have received simply doing everything on your own. Many people incorrectly assume this means the public adjuster is fraudulently trying to obtain a higher settlement for you so they’re paid more.
The reality is, most people who do not use a public adjuster are missing out on a significant amount of money they could have received if they had the right help. When you hire a public adjuster, they work to help you obtain all of the money you should get.

Public Adjusters Don’t Do Much

Another common misconception is that a public adjuster doesn’t do much yet will take a significant portion of your settlement and leave you with less than you need to recover from the damages. The reality is, their money is a small percentage of the settlement you receive and you will get more money by working with a public adjuster than you would if you handled it all on your own. They work hard to make sure you get the full value of your property.

Anyone Can be a Public Adjuster

Becoming a public adjuster is not as easy as many people might believe. They cannot have a felony criminal conviction on their background and they must meet all licensing requirements to be licensed to work in your location. They also must keep up with all licensing requirements to continue to be licensed to work as a public adjuster and can lose their license for a variety of reasons.
If you’ve suffered damage to your property, don’t let the myths surrounding public adjusters keep you from getting the money you deserve. They’re available to help you maximize your settlement so you can recover financially from the damages to your property.

Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

Dealing with a disaster recovery for your home is no easy task. Download Successfully Navigating Your Homeowners Insurance Claim as a resource to help you through the turmoil.