The professionals at Globe Midwest Adjusters International have been closely monitoring Hurricane Michael and its aftermath. We understand that when devastation strikes, it not only affects your business and property, but also YOU, as the chaos, confusion and conflicting information regarding your property and insurance policies can be overwhelming.

Globe Midwest represents commercial property and business owners, and works with property managers, law firms and CPAs to ensure policyholders navigate the insurance claim process and receive a fair and just settlement of their property insurance claim!

We understand how important it is to get your business and/or property back up and running.

How can Globe Midwest help you?

If your business or commercial property suffered any type of severe damage for which you an insurance claim will be made . . .

    • We will review and explain your insurance policy and the available coverage applicable to your claim, including additional coverages such as code upgrade, etc . . .
    • Investigate and analyze all property damage to your building, commercial contents and business.
    • Prepare a well-documented repair cost estimate on your building and all damaged and destroyed contents.
    • Coordinate all inspections and meetings with the insurance company’s employee/adjusters including all of their “outside experts”
    • Review all relevant financial information and financial projections to determine best approach for your business interruption claim.
    • Communicate with the insurance company adjuster and their forensic accountant to obtain ongoing agreements and partial payments throughout the claim period.
    • Provide project management services for a streamlined experience during remediation activities.

If you or your clients have affected commercial properties or businesses please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

A Public Adjuster Can Help Resolve Your Property Insurance Claim In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Michael