After 30-plus years as a public insurance adjuster, Globe Midwest CEO Ethan Gross is no stranger to disasters and tragedies – but nothing to the magnitude of what’s happening in Ukraine. Mr. Gross immediately knew he wanted to help.

He spent a week with the Jewish Relief Network Ukraine (JRNU). His trip began in Berlin, Germany where the Mishpachah Orphanage of Odesa, Ukraine moved temporarily since Russia’s invasion. Nearly 200 people – including children, staff, and refugees – have been staying at this makeshift orphanage within a German hotel since the first days of the war.

Mr. Gross spent the second part of his trip in Odesa, where he visited a preschool, high school, senior center, and synagogue that are run by Chabd of Odesa and supported by the JRNU. Every weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the JRNU hands out boxes of food at the Chabad of Odessa synagogue to hundreds of families.

“Seeing it on the news is different than being there in person and seeing all these people lining up for food. Some of the people are from Odessa and some are refugees escaping from more dangerous cities like Kherson. And they’re there every day until 5 p.m.,” Mr. Gross told EIN Presswire’s Sari Cicurel in an exclusive interview.

On his flight back to Detroit, Mr. Gross knew he wanted to do more to help the people of Ukraine and came up with an idea. When he returned to Globe Midwest Mr. Gross shared his experiences, and then his idea of sponsoring a Detroit / Ukraine Jewish Community Unity Event, with Chairman and President Bobby Levin, COO Carl Gross, and Managing Partner Danielle Levin Gabbard, who immediately and enthusiastically agreed.

The event will take place on December 12, 2022, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Shaarey Zedek in Southfield, MI. Attendees will hear the stories of individuals who have helped support Ukraine – such as an Okemos man who delivered ambulances and medical supplies to the country and a teenage girl who made bracelets with her friends at her Bat Mitzvah to give to orphans. Rabbi Mendel Moskowitz will be a featured speaker, sharing his harrowing escape from Kharkov. And, Judi Garrett, the COO of JRNU USA will update everyone on current conditions and need of the Jewish community in Ukraine.

If you cannot attend the event itself but wish to show your support, please consider donating by clicking here and then selecting “Detroit Campaign for Ukraine and JRNU” in the dropdown menu.

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