The Globe Midwest Adjusters International Healthcare Team recently attended the eCap 2024 Healthcare Summit in Miami, Florida. This premier event, held from February 12th to 14th, convened industry leaders, investors, and innovators to explore and discuss the evolving landscape of nursing home investment and operational and management strategies.

Through a series of networking events, keynote presentations, and breakout discussions, the team engaged with owners, operators, and other key industry players on a variety of topics that impact nursing home operations including large property insurance claims.  Their active participation at the summit underlines Globe Midwest’s dedication to keeping abreast of industry trends and ensuring healthcare facilities are adequately prepared to manage risks and optimally navigate the insurance claim process to ensure an optimal settlement.

Globe Midwest Adjusters International has established itself as the nation’s premier public adjustment firm for local, regional, and national nursing home owners and operators. Chaired by Yossi Gottfried, the Globe Midwest Healthcare Team exclusively represents nursing home owners and operators when their facilities suffer major property damage and business interruption for which an insurance claim is being filed.