Globe Midwest/Adjusters International is proud to support Alec Dorf in his recent founding of (“The Lisa Project”). The Lisa Project is a non-profit organization that works with high schools to help grieving teens connect peer-to-peer to share their experiences, feelings, and strength after the loss of a parent. The organization helps them design activities that according to Alec, “help you expand in ways so that the experience of tragedy doesn’t hold you back.” These activities include creating a playlist of favorite songs and videos, expressing their feelings in writing, listening to podcasts, engaging in physical activity, and reading. Dorf also offers guidance for teachers on how they can support students who are experiencing the loss of a parent.

Initially launching at Bloomfield Hills High School, The Lisa Project will eventually expand to include other local high schools, with the aim of reaching and assisting as many students as possible.

Globe Midwest/Adjusters International is committed to supporting Alec throughout his journey to help others and is especially honored to assist him in his upcoming trip to Capitol Hill where he will address Congress on behalf of the National Brain Tumor Society on May 8th and 9th. During his address, he intends to advocate for better and more accessible mental health options and more funding for brain tumor research.

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