Info is EVERYTHING When it Comes to Property Damage

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Commercial property damage can be devastating. Add to that trying to figure out complex policy language, not to mention complying with all the requirements and deadlines required by the insurance claim process—there’s just too much riding on the outcome to risk making a costly mistake. Plus, you need to focus on your employees, your customers, and getting business up and running ASAP.

Globe Midwest Adjusters International works exclusively on behalf of policyholders to expedite the insurance claim process and maximize insurance payouts. We have developed comprehensive guides to educate and prepare those who have been affected by property damage.

Here are 3 free eBooks you should download to make sure you’re in the know!

1. Commercial Property Damage: An Insurance Claim’s Primer
Business owners have hundreds of questions after damage has destroyed their commercial property. What do I do next? Do I trust the insurance company? How do I read my policy? We answer these and more, here: Commercial Property Damage: An Insurance Claim’s Primer

2. 10 Tips for Business Owners in Times of Disaster Recovery

Do you know you can prepare your property to avoid further damage after disaster? This eBook walks you through commercial property damage tips before, during, and after disaster strikes. Important information especially given all the severe weather sweeping the nation this year. Click to download: 10 Tips for Business Owners in Times of Disaster Recovery             

3. Business Owner’s Guide to Getting the Most for Your Property Damage Claim

This is a simple guide to the insurance claim process and how to get the most money for your commercial property damage. From common mistakes and delays to Actual Cash Value negotiating tips and ways to mitigate damage, this is a great resource. Be sure you know what you’re up against: Business Owner’s Guide to Getting the Max Amount for Your Property Insurance Claim

As a leading public adjustment firm, we specialize in lifting the burden of the insurance claim process for commercial property and business owners by handling every step and fulfilling every requirement therein, start to finish—to ensure you receive the maximum payout you deserve. Interested in learning more? Click here to check out the rest of our website!