How should Michigan business and home owners manage the wind damage insurance claims resulting from this week’s unusual windstorms?

Globe Midwest Adjusters International’s Principals Ethan Gross and Carl Gross were recently interviewed by Crain’s Detroit Business and by Fox 2 Detroit News about this important and timely topic.

When asked by Crain’s Detroit Business how owners of businesses throughout Michigan should handle the unique challenges and issues that they may face when filing property insurance claims after this week’s unusually high wind speeds, Ethan Gross suggests that they take several important steps including preserving health and safety, inspecting and mitigating damage, reporting the claim to their insurance company and taking pictures to document the damage.

“They may have damage they are unaware of, and if they don’t identify it now, it may be too late to make an insurance claim,” said Ethan Gross.

When asked by Fox 2 Detroit News what homeowners need to know in order to file a windstorm claim, Carl Gross explained that the insurance company will not always do the detailed inspections needed to find hidden damage and that it is always the policyholders responsibility to prove their claim.

“Wind damage claims can be extremely complicated because policyholders have to basically prove whether the damage to their home was caused by the actual windstorm or was pre-existing. It can take a whole team of experts to sort out the actual cause of damage and provide sufficient evidence to the insurance company to support the claim,” said Carl Gross.

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