Globe Midwest/Adjusters International (Globe/AI) was honored to assist an incredible non-profit, Source of Universal Love (S.O.U.L.), during their recent fundraiser “S.O.U.L. Estate Sales” on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

At the event, Globe Midwest/AI’s SVP of Business Development, Stuart Dorf, assisted in encouraging sales, organizing tables and deliveries, and ensuring the event ran smoothly and successfully. Dorf commented, “Globe Midwest/AI is humbled by the selflessness of the services that S.O.U.L. provides and the life-changing positive impact its clients receive.”

Established to serve those in need, S.O.U.L. assists the homeless, the grieving, and any person in need of a safe haven due to adverse situations and circumstances. S.O.U.L. truly portrays Globe Midwest/AI’s motto “#BetterTogether” through their genuine compassion, dedication and integrity they show to those in need.