Fire in a multifamily apartment complex.

It only takes one oversight within one apartment to cause catastrophic damage for all. A stove burner left flickering after bedtime. A living room candle still smoking as the door slams shut. An electrical problem, waiting to spark.

An experienced commercial property management company like yours knows the likelihood of these things happening and the need to respond as they occur.

But what if it’s a massive property loss?

Depending on the scope of your services for the property owner client, you may need to spring into action when it comes time for them to file a commercial property insurance claim.

One of the biggest obligations placed on them by their insurance policy is the burden of proving the extent and value of their loss!

The insurance claims process can take on a life of its own, especially without having the right experts working exclusively for your client. There are time-sensitive obligations detailed in the insurance policy that require expertise across an array of subject matters.

In the meantime, your client’s relationship with their insurance company is financial.

In other words, it’s an insurance contract, a business deal, they both entered into.

Accordingly, the insurance company needs to treat each adjusting claim as a business deal and will have either a dedicated division or an outside firm and supporting experts representing its financial interest. While the insurance team will have their team of experts, who does your client have representing their interests?

Globe Midwest Public Adjusters are licensed property insurance claim experts who exclusively represent your client in a process they most likely are unfamiliar with. The importance of assembling the right team, at the right time, to create the right result after a major loss is critical.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between “having insurance” and understanding “how to use” the insurance policy to obtain the best possible settlement.

Find out more on how we level the playing field with your commercial property management expertise and our claim expertise to ensure your client receives a fair and just settlement.

Blog Article by Stuart Dorf, JD — Senior Vice President of Business Development, Globe Midwest Adjusters International