The economic impact the hospitality industry suffered in 2020 is undeniable. The COVID-19 pandemic came out of nowhere and did not leave an opportunity to prepare for its impact or the aftermath.

Even everyday issues that occur in hotels, such as faulty wiring or an errant cigarette butt, can spark a fire that spreads to many floors, causing serious fire damage throughout your structure. The interruption to business operations and loss of income can be shocking.

What isn’t shocking is the time, focus, and sophistication needed to properly file your property damage and/or business interruption insurance claim to get the fair and equitable settlement you deserve.

If you have suffered serious property damage, a licensed public adjuster can help you navigate the complex and cumbersome insurance claim process.

How will you handle a hotel fire insurance claim?

This may be your first time filing a commercial property or business interruption claim with your insurance carrier. While you may task your team of accountants and/or attorneys — who are the best in their professions — to handle the claim, managing property damage and/or business interruption insurance claims calls for an entirely different scope of expertise. It’s what your insurance company excels at because it’s simply part of their business model.

Many policyholders inadvertently — and perhaps mistakenly —- rely on their insurance company’s adjuster to handle all aspects of the claim process. This decision is usually not to an insured’s ultimate benefit because the insurance company has its own group of experts whose primary responsibility is to protect the company’s interests.  

It isn’t a level playing field. If you’re in that situation, you may risk a drawn-out commercial claim process or accepting an inadequate settlement amount. However, you can avoid these risks with a property damage insurance claim expert on your side — a licensed public adjuster.

Call A public adjuster after hotel property damage!

Public Adjusters are licensed by your state to exclusively represent you, the policyholder. They know the ins and outs of property damage and business interruption insurance claims.

An experienced public adjusting firm like Globe Midwest/Adjusters International will use its team of expert public adjusters, forensic accountants, inventory specialists, and building estimators to:

  • Precisely document your fire damage (including smoke and water damage)
  • Accurately prepare all the loss of income calculations
  • Prepare, present, and negotiate the insurance claim with your insurance carrier and their experts

When it comes to business interruption, our licensed public adjusters and forensic accountants work with your team to arrive at a fully accurate average daily rate (ADR) and occupancy rates. That way, the loss of revenue per available room (RevPAR) is accurately reflected in your claim for compensation.

A public adjuster helps you avoid further reopening delays with immediate assistance.

We know that disasters can significantly impact hotel operations — or, if bad enough, even put a hotel out of business.  When the hotel you manage or own suffers unexpected property damage from a fire or other catastrophe, call Globe Midwest/Adjusters International.

For over 94 years, our expert public adjusters have represented hoteliers like you after devastating events that placed their hotel structures and operations at risk.

At Globe Midwest, we work non-stop to save you time, money, and sanity while securing the insurance claim settlement you deserve so you can come back into the marketplace stronger.

Blog Article by Stuart Dorf, JD — Senior Vice President of Business Development/Marketing, Globe Midwest Adjusters International

For over 94 years, Globe Midwest Adjusters International public adjusters have successfully represented thousands of clients and secured billions of dollars in settlements for policyholders in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and throughout the Midwest.