You have a client who just suffered devastating damage to their commercial property and they now turn to you for advice on the insurance claim process which you may not have experienced.  

That’s where Public Adjusters come in. We are experts licensed exclusively to represent and protect the insured following major property damage. We work to expedite the claim process and maximize the insurance settlement.

Here are 3 reasons your client needs a Public Adjuster.

1. The insurance claim process is complex and difficult.

There’s a reason why an insurance policy is 50 pages and not one page. Most policyholders are completely unaware of their contractual responsibilities as outlined in their insurance policy. The policy language is often riddled with obligations and requirements that are difficult for your client to understand and comply with—and failure to comply with their duties may result in unsatisfactory results or even a denial of the claim. The stakes are incredibly high and without professional representation, the odds are NOT in your client’s favor. 

Additionally, the insurance company has a team of experts to review and calculate the claim. These consultants work directly for the insurance company, not for the policyholder. Because the policyholder has no experience, let alone expertise, in the claims process, this gives the insurance company and their experts an unfair advantage in the claim negotiations and creates an unlevel playing field.

2. Public Adjusters are experts at the insurance claim process. 

Public Adjusters are skilled experts trained and experienced in every area of the insurance claim process. Our team of experts help us move nimbly through the claim, freeing your client up to focus on what’s best for their business during this devastating time and expediting the process to get them back to business sooner. Here is how we can help:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your client's insurance policy to outline available options.
  • Help your client comply with the affirmative obligations and other requirements contained within their insurance policy.
  • Discuss a path to get your client’s business and/or property up and running and how best to keep tenants, customers and/or clients.
  • Investigate and analyze all property damage to the buildings and prepare a well-documented repair cost estimate.
  • Inventory, research, and price all damaged or destroyed contents.
  • Coordinate all inspections and meetings with the insurance company representatives, including their outside consultants.
  • Prepare initial business interruption and claim projections and communicate with the insurance company adjuster and their forensic accountants.
  • Present and support a detailed itemized claim package to your client’s insurance company in order to negotiate and expedite the best possible settlement.

3. Public Adjusters help your client make informed decisions.

The damage to a commercial property after a disaster can be devastating. It’s a chaotic time and decisions need to be made quickly. Public Adjusters are in the best position to help your clients make informed, educated and prudent decisions, as it is our job. We are experts at the property insurance claim process. We solely work for the insured—and have no affiliations with insurance companies or any other third-party businesses which could be at conflict with the client’s interests. Our loyalties lie with your client. We are passionate advocates and exist to protect their best interests throughout the claim process. And we are not successful unless your client is successful.

As the oldest and largest public adjustment firm in the Midwest, Globe Midwest knows the nuances of insurance claims inside and out and has helped thousands of clients maximize their recovery.

As a trusted advisor it’s important to let your clients know this resource is available. When your clients have commercial property damage, don’t let them receive less than they are due because of their lack of knowledge.  When your clients reach out to you, refer them to the best-in-class public adjustment firm of Globe Midwest Adjusters International.